The Monkey Mat

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Price: $24.95

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Monkey Mat® product information:
  • Liquid spills wipe right up AND dirt, crumbs, grass, messes shake off easily!
  • Quickly & easily tie together corner loops of multiple Monkey Mats if you need even more space!
  • Easy buckle strap can secure to OUTSIDE of any purse, diaper bag, stroller, cooler, bike handle, luggage, cooler, belt loop, even wrist!
  • Use anything around you through corner loops for more secure grounding – sticks, plastic shovels, etc!
  • Fold neatly or stuff into pouch! For optimal stuffing, grab corner opposite pouch, wrap mat around hand repeatedly, stuff right in…then zip, clip ‘n go!
  • Weighing 280g & with compact 15x15cm attached storage pouch, the Monkey Mat® is the ultimate definition of portable!
  • Tumble dry to remove wrinkles, if so desired.