ABC Fun Pads

The ABC Fun Pads are heavilly padded, reversible, machine washable, non toxic and multifunctional table covers, that protect kids from tables and tables from kids. It is not only protective, but also fun with colourful patterns and washable colouring areas.Designed with safety in mind but with the added benefits of creative play and fashion, the Fun Pad is:

  • a child safety product that protects children from the bumps and bruises that can result as toddlers are learning to walk
  • a child developmental toy that encourages colour and shape recognition as well as hours of creative playtime
  • a mobile play centre
  • a protector keeping children safe from nicks and scratches caused by tiddlers banging on tabletops and older kids engaging in other rough play

Available in two great designs for both girls and boys (unisex)

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