About Us

Since its' inception in 2008, Cheekie lil' Monkie has grown to be an astute entity and, through our various international and local supply channels, we have been able to source and distribute a range of premium, innovative, user friendly products essential to the everyday mum and dad.

Based in Sydney, we have the proven capacity and ability to supply all corners of Australia and New Zealand, and have recently expanded our operations into Asia through our distribution networks. 

Our mission of, "bringing innovative products to you", although simple, typifies our perspective on the selection of products that we provide.  

With a level of insight into the retail industry that can only be ascertained through the benefit of experience, our organisation strives to implement a model of continuous improvement through constantly reviewing our products and internal processes, and ensuring that our customers are left completely satisified.

We aim to provide our customers with products that cater for their individual needs by offering them a solution which is as impressive in its' appearance as it is in its' functionality.

We trust that you will enjoy using our products as much as we have!